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The solution for your Work Time Analysis and Time-Recording


What makes ATMS Watch unique


Take advantage of automatic billing of working hours, including overtime, delays and absence.


Work on schedules with ATMS Watch easily and conveniently.


Analyse the working time of your employees and teams with ready-made and individual reports.


Connect ATMS Watch with your software for personnel management and payroll.


Get informed about changes to the schedule by text message or email. Receive notifications of vacation requests and absence.


Use ATMS Watch in your language. ATMS Watch speaks Polish, English and German and can learn more languages.


More than time-recording


More than time-recording

Detailed knowledge of the use of working hours creates cost transparency and enables improvements.

ATMS Watch provides information for better decisions.


High efficiency

Information about labour costs enables optimisations to increase efficiency.

Informacje o rzeczywistych kosztach pozwolą zoptymalizować czas pracy swoich pracowników i podejmować lepsze decyzje.

Reliable data

You can't improve what you can't measure.

The working time data enables costs to be assigned to cost centres. The identification of bottlenecks helps to improve staff deployment.

Comfortable use

Secure and easy access to information.

The working hours can be recorded with a transponder on a reader, with the ATMS Chrono mobile app or on a website.

Our Clients

"We developed ATMS Watch to make the analysis and recording of working hours effortless and effective. We integrated proven functions as part of a comprehensive and efficient system. Customised solutions adapt to the business requirements and company specifications of the customer. With ATMS Watch you record the working time precise and convenient."

We know that because we use it ourselves.



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