Increase security on the premises

Creating schedules for different work systems

Professional analysis of time attendance and access control

Improve productivity and efficiency of your company

Ability to integrate with other systems

Automatic and accurate recording of working time!

Better manage your workforce

Valuable reporting, compilation of time and costs and many more!

E-mail & sms notifications!

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Nowelizacja ustawy o minimalnym wynagrodzeniu i wprowadzenie minimalnej stawki godzinowej w wysokości 13 zł wprowadza od 1 stycznia 2017 roku obowiązek ewidencji czasu pracy zatrudnionych na umowę o świadczenie usług (samozatrudnienie) oraz umowę zlecenie.


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Working time analysis for small and medium-size companies

ATMS zone system has been optimized to satisfy the needs of small companies being aware of the measurable benefits from improvements in the working time.

Access – always and everywhere

Web technology, used in ATMS zone, means that system can be accessible every time and place. This solution gives the possibility to use the system without additional software , by means of Internet browser, smartphone or tablet.

Security and cloud – based data protection

In ATMS zone we used Saas solution to store data. It is a reliable and handy solution, hosted by a professional Alan Systems team, with access secured by password and enciphered connection. The infrastructure costs are reduced.

Flexible costs

Service cost is adjusted to current needs of a company and depends on the number of registered users. Montly charge is calculated for each user.


  • Optimization of employees’ working time
  • Automatic and precise working time calculation, that is: delays, overtime, sick-leaves, holidays
  • Employer’s attendance control via e-mail, sms, approvals and reports
  • Easy way to realise obligations in accordance with labour code
  • Time saving and easy data analysis thanks to reporting
  • Precise costs assignment to cost center
  • Security guaranteed by access control
  • Quick localization of employees and evaluation of number of employees in case of emergency

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